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We build websites. That's what we do, and we do it well. We're passionate about helping small businesses grow and become known. We help you to create a consistent web presence that represents you and your brand.

First, we'll set up a time to meet and talk about the project. We want to understand what your needs are so that we can create the best possible solution. We'll come up with a project proposal and work with you to tweak it to perfection before beginning work.

Next, we get to work! We'll check in with you at each stage of the project and in the end, we'll have brought the solution we imagined together into reality.

Finally, it's time to deliver. We'll deploy a finished, polished solution and we'll help you set up the tools to analyze how it's working for your business. If you're not seeing the desired results, we want to know so we can help modify the solution to create those results.

Our Focus

  • Web Scripting
  • Web Design
  • Wordpress
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • UI
  • UX
  • SEO

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"Basil and Naomi were great to work with! They were both extremely knowledgeable and responsive.They were very easy to get ahold of to plan in-person meetings or phone discussions about my site.

Each has their own personal website-building strength and they work beautifully together as a team. See more.

If there was ever a question I asked that they could not answer immediately they were able to figure it out in a very timely manner so we could continue moving forward with the project. Both are very driven to succeed and are passionate about their work – I would highly recommend them!"

- Laurie Dallenbach

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"I have had a e-commerce website for my jewelry for 3 years now. It has been extremely expensive, complicated to navigate and difficult to add products to. I asked Basil and Naomi to design a simple, clean site that reflects my style of jewelry.

I gave them complete design control since I am overwhelmed with making my jewelry and they were able to come up with an amazing design in a very timely manner/fashion. See more.

I found that they were both very responsive, full of great ideas and knowledgeable about how to implement them, easy to communicate with and they provided me with a quality site. Besides uploading the images, prices and descriptions of the items I had on hand, both took the time to teach me how to navigate and add products into the site. On top of that they designed a business card that works with my site design. I look forward to hiring them in any future endeavors."

- Lorrie Wilms

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"As a college professor on a low budget, I've been coding my own web pages since dawn of the Web. Recently I got frustrated while trying to make my online "Handbook of Biological Statistics" adaptive for different devices, so I hired Naomi Touchet.

She quickly grasped what I hoped to accomplish, modified my html and css files to do exactly what I wanted, patiently explained what she'd done so that I could understand it and apply it myself in the future, and didn't try to pressure me into a complete, expensive redesign of my 1990s-style web pages. See more.

The next time I get stuck, I'm not going to waste my time fumbling around with online tutorials; I'll gladly hire Naomi again."

- John McDonald

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We're a web design and development team. We started off as any professionals would by going to school, but why stop there? We learn new things each day and are always willing to be surprised by the unexpected. We've fallen head over heels for web design and development and have been pursuing our passion ever since.